Monday, August 16, 2010

Ride 'Em Cowgirl!

The EZ Rider was not by far the first toy I've tamed, but it represented a whole new stage in my life. I was 24 years old and had just gone through a horrendous breakup with the (still married) man I lost my virginity to 3 years before - yes, I was that girl. I had found a whole new level of sex and sensation, one that allowed for a wide variety of movement, depth and hands-free penetration; I wanted to continue enjoying this range of sensation now that I was solely responsible for my sex life.  I bought the EZ Rider Ball from my local Stag Shop, along with a nice big dong and, excited to give them a try, headed straight home!

product picture
Plug by Doc Johnson
Material: Rubber

The smooth, "flesh-toned" rubber ball was a bit smaller than I had imagined, about 12" in diameter or the size of the space between my knees when I stand or kneel. The plug pops out to make blowing the ball up easy, just like on a standard beach ball, and it requires a bit of pressure or bite to open the airway. This feature is handy, because the ball doesn't lose too much air when you stop to plug it back up. Once full, the stopper pops back into place to make for a smooth surface. The bright orange plug that attaches the Vac-U-Loc dong to the ball is simple to insert (but definitely easier to do BEFORE the ball has been completely blown up!) and once inserted, you can choose any Vac-U-Loc product to slide on.

Vac-U-Loc dongs all slip easily on to their patented plug, even without the provided powder. There is a wide selection of Vac-U-Loc dildos and dongs available in all different sizes and designs. My choice of the standard 9" rubber dong was easy to use, very filling and due to its size, even useful for g-spot stimulation! The dong is lightly textured and this is easy to feel while using the toy. It had a significant length and girth to it and with the ball, it was easy to customize my position to fit the kind of penetration I wanted. It is definitely large enough that I don't always want to be penetrated to the hilt, but the texture is always an added pleasure and the girth makes it great for stimulating my g-spot.

The ball is, of course, perfect for the cowgirl position, bouncing around on top. If you are like me and not incredibly flexible or coordinated, you will want to be somewhere that you can hold on to something sturdy for support. I've always been partial to chains hanging from the ceiling, but a well-built stool, cushion or headboard works just as well. Keep in mind that in this position you will feel the full length of your dildo, so if you buy a big one, you will likely only enjoy this position at certain times in your cycle or if you prefer very deep penetration.

After saddling up, I assessed the weight capacity of the little ball. At the time I weighed around 275 pounds and while the ball was too small to bounce around on top of like the exercise balls I was used to, it definitely supported me without any trouble and riding it doggy style definitely provided a bit of a work out! The dong was simple to insert and after experimenting with several possible positions, I found my favourite was doggy-style, with the ball held between my feet, ankles or calves. From this angle I could easily control depth and speed and get really into the fantasy experience! Using this toy can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it, depending on your preference of depth and speed. In this position, I got a great burn in my thighs from pumping back and forth.

In addition to these two typical uses, the toy can be used in a number of variations of traditional positions, especially if the ball is placed between your body and a wall or other weight-bearing structure. You can easily pin the ball with your feet or even a couple of pillows and grind up against it in the missionary position. The ball is fairly light-weight - just a bit heavier than a beach ball - but with a little creativity can be held or weighed down without having to be on top of it. You will have to find some way to keep it still if you want to get the full experience from this toy and realize its full thrusting range.

I used the sample lube from the toy store my first go round, a slick silicone-base which worked well with the rubber dong. It was easy to use and to clean up afterward with a bit of warm soapy water! Rubber, of course, should not be boiled and should be used with condoms, especially for sharing. After clean up, the ball is easy to deflate by pinching the airway and giving a bit of a squeeze. Deflated, it folds up the size of a napkin and can be easily and inconspicuously stored!

The best part of my experience with this toy, however, was the introduction to the Vac-U-Loc system and toys. The dong I purchased is great to use alone, having a space to insert fingers to help control thrusting. Years later, my husband and I used an extra orange plug to finish off a homemade fucking machine, making it a Vac-U-Loc fucking machine compatible with my dong and any number of the growing collection!

Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced rider, you are bound to have a great time bouncing around in this saddle - easy to use, clean and store; affordable even on a budget; customizable with dozens of different Vac-U-Loc toys and full of possibilities for solo or partnered experimentation! Let this big boy take you for a ride!

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