Sunday, September 19, 2010

Precise Pinching Pleasure and Pain!

I absolutely love nipple play - they are incredibly sensitive and enjoy a great range of sensation. I can and often do orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, so I was incredibly eager to play with these gorgeous vibrating weighted clamps.

product picture
Nipple clamps by California Exotic
Material: Plastic / Metal

These clamps are great for any masochist. If you are pushing against your pain limits with wooden clothespins, you will likely want to avoid these beauties. When they are clamped tight, they are TIGHT! The clamps themselves are a good size and covered in a slick black plastic case. The plastic sticks a wee bit, but makes for a nice cushion between your skin and hard metal. Luckily, the plastic protects the nipples from the metal really digging in, so you don't have to worry about breaking the skin, but they do slide off easily to reveal sharp teeth if you really want the clamps to grip (and possibly draw blood).

The clips can be a bit trick to get on and both hands are very necessary. Be sure to fit the clamps to the nipples to make sure they are tight enough. Once they are on, the adjustable screw can be turned to make them tighter. If they are not tight enough, they may slip off with the weight of the bullets or any tugging on the cords.

The adjustable screws are easy to grasp and turn. I have had my pair for several years now with no deterioration or seizing. They open the clamps up nice and wide, making them useful on the labia as well. Be sure to tighten the clamps as tight as possible, because the heavy bullets attached will pull the slick plastic clamps off if they aren't secure, especially if you are using a lubricant.

The vibrating bullets are weighty and you don't want to underestimate how much this adds to the sensation. The weights hang perfectly if the wearer is upright, but I always found that if I was on my back, they would skew at weird angles and quickly disengage, no matter how tight they were attached. They are definitely easiest to use when standing, kneeling or on all fours and will usually stay attached during all but the most vigorous movement. The bullets will stay put in just about any condition where they can hang, if they are tight enough - they can even withstand some light pulling and twisting.

The vibration from the two bullets is not overwhelming but is somewhat variable, with a multi-speed control that takes you from a light tickle to a low rumble in just a few seconds. The cords can get in the way if you're not careful with them, especially if ropes or chains are also involved. Each bullet is connected to the remote securely with its own cord.

We have had no trouble with the wiring, but you probably shouldn't pull your bottom around by the cords - it isn't a leash or a harness, after all. A light tug is fine, and we have even had some interesting fun hanging the remote above my head or around my back and using the clamps to tug the breasts in a different direction. Bring along some bondage tape so you can attached the remote to your bottom, just out of their reach! The remote and bullets are battery operated with 2 AAs (the cover slips easily off the back of the remote) with a very long shelf life. In four years I think I've changed them twice!

Remember that removing the clamps is often the most painful part of the experience - you can open them slowly with the screw or open them quickly with the clamp. If they aren't too tight, you can also just give them a hard, quick tug and pull them right off (though I wouldn't recommend doing this without the plastic covers - the bare metal teeth will definitely tear the sensitive skin).

Any way they come off, they will leave you with that gorgeous, throbbing sensation for quite some time to come. I general am not able to put the clamps back on after having them removed, so one more time I will say, be SURE they are really tight. If they fall off during heavy play, it will be much more painful getting them back on again!

Overall I do very much enjoy these clamps, even if they can be a bit clumsy and awkward. The mix of precise pinching pleasure and pain is exactly what I love when I'm all bound up, and they give my partners a chance to do something else with their hands!

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