Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grab Your Man by the Stars!

I've been interested in astrology since my early teens, so it's not often I find something unique, interested and informative anymore! "Erotic Astrology: about him, for her..." by Olivia is easy to read and understand for beginners, but held a wealth of insight for astro-junkies like me.

The introduction is short and sweet, but sure to point out how complex astrological charts are, and how to determine which signs are likely to affect your lover's personality. Each chapter profiles one of the twelve astrological signs through a series of sensual and practical elements.

Starting off with a list of magical correspondences, each chapter lists the planets, gender, element, drive, colour, flower, scent, gem, metal and herbs. Getting into the more detailed sections, each chapters details the sign's turn ons, turn offs, likelihood for monogamy and what it takes to seduce him. Olivia goes on to describe his favourite colours, his faults, his temper, attitudes with children and his home life.

Each chapter will tell you in great detail how to dress for your lover and prepare a romantic evening, including succulent recipes to cook up a steamy date, along with a description of his most sensitive areas and his ideal romantic getaway.

In the final section of the profiles, Olivia describes the perfect sexual experiences from beginning to end in wondrous detail!

Whether or not you have a strong belief in astrology, if nothing else this book will give you some great new ideas for seducing your lover. If, like me, you find the art of astrology fascinating, you will be excited to get started right away, trying out these tips and tricks for seduction on your favourite friends! ;)

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Book by Olivia
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Victoria House Press
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